Why ZConverter

Why ZConverter

Using our proprietary cloud-agnostic technology, we offer data protection, cloud migration and cloud disaster recovery solutions which make enterprises digital transformation and protection uniform and easy.

ZConverter can back-up and create a source-agnostic ZIA image format, regardless of various types of source machines including physical servers, VMs and other clouds, which can speed up the lift-and-shift migration approach and also minimizes cloud disaster recovery challenges occurring with inherent dissimilarity between source and target cloud platforms.


● Uniform Migration Process, regardless of source machine types
● Uniform Migration Process among heterogeneous multi-cloud platforms
● Uniform Hybrid-cloud migration between private cloud and public cloud
● Highest cloud migration success rate using a cloud-agnostic technology

● Uniform Cloud Disaster Recovery Process, regardless of source machine types
● A single cloud platform-based disaster recovery service capability for multiple dissimilar sources
● Highest cloud disaster recovery success rate using a cloud-agnostic technology

● Broad range of supported workloads from legacy to the latest OS using our proprietary image backup technology

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