Cloud Migration - ZConverter


ZConverter Cloud DRaaS Model and 7 Powerful Features

#1. Live Migration
Minimizes service downtime of production workloads during creating cloud instance replica

#2. Cloud Recovery between Dissimilar hypervisors
Supports migration or recovery between heterogenous hypervisors.

#3. Cloud Recovery between Dissimilar Disk Formats
Supports the migration or recovery between dissimilar disk formats

#4. Cloud Recovery between Heterogenous Cloud Platforms
Supports any-to-any cloud migration or recovery between dissimilar Cloud Platforms

#5. Cloud Recovery from on-premises to any Cloud Platform
Supports cloud recovery from Bare Metal or VM to any Cloud Platform

#6. Optimal Disk Resizing
Reduce or decrease the disk size during migration

#7. Near-Zero Downtime Migration
Minimizes the service downtime during migration with Live Migration technology