Azure Cloud Migration - ZConverter


Automated Cloud Migration for Azure Cloud

If you try to move hundreds or thousands of on-premises to Microsoft Azure Cloud, how long will it take or how much should you pay?

It might take a few years or you would pay tens of millions dollars if you reinstall them manually.

ZConverter Cloud Migration is a fully automated cloud migration SaaS solution for Microsoft Azure Cloud. With our solution, enterprises or cloud service providers can enjoy up to 20 X reductions of both time and money.


Azure Cloud Migration Process

Its cloud migration process is extremely simple and easy. By a few clicks, enterprises can move workloads to the cloud. (Imaging - Replication - Migration)

Step 1 . Create a cloud instance on the Azure Cloud

   Step 2. Create an image of virtual or physical on-premises
   Step 3. Replicate them to the Azure public cloud
   Step 4. Get them on-board the Azure public cloud
Step 5 . Run the migrated instance on the Microsoft Azure Cloud


From (Source) To (Target)
Physical (Bare Metal) Server (Windows/ Linux) Azure Cloud
Virtual Machines (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM)
Private Cloud (OpenStack / CloudStack / Other Cloud)
Public Cloud
(AWS / Azure / GCP / Alibaba / Softlayer / CloudStack)


OS Version
Win 2019

Win 2016

Win 2012 R2 64bit

Win 2008 R2 64bit

Win 2008 ENT 32bit / 64bit

Win 2003 32bit / 64bit

CentOS 4.x 32bit

CentOS 5.x 64bit

CentOS 6.x 32bit / 64bit

CentOS 7.x 32bit / 64bit

Redhat(Enterprise) Linux 5.x

Redhat(Enterprise) Linux 6.x

Redhat(Enterprise) Linux 7.x

Ubuntu 10.04 32bit / 64bit

Ubuntu 12.04 32bit / 64bit

Ubuntu 14.04 32bit / 64bit

Ubuntu 16.04 32bit / 64bit

Notice1) Domain Controller or Active Directory migration is not supported.
Notice2) If a single Domain Controller (or active directory server) is running with application or database on a single server,after separating Domain Controller from the single server, you should migrate application or database to the target cloud.