Cloud Migration - ZConverter


Enterprises face huge bills and years of wasted time waiting for manual cloud migration. The scale of this problem is huge, with cloud datacenter researches suggesting that this year alone 7M servers will be moved from on-premises to the cloud. That volume is expected to increase by around 250% year on year until at least 2019.

ZConverter Cloud Migration is a fully automated cloud migration SaaS solution. With our solution, enterprises or cloud service providers can enjoy up to 20X savings on both time and money!

Our research and results have proven that our patented original technology is up to two years ahead of other market leading solutions. For example, we support 90% of the cloud platforms globally, whereas other leading brands typically only support around 50% of cloud platforms with semi-automated, open source based solutions.

Our automated cloud migration SaaS is supports OpenStack, CloudStack, Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud platforms.


IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

- A type of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources (software, servers, storage and networking components) over the Internet

- IaaS platforms offer highly scalable resources that can be adjusted on-demand and IaaS customers pay on a per-use basis.


OpenStack, CloudStack

- An open-source cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform.

- Users primarily deploy it as IaaS solution. The technology consists of a series of interrelated projects that control pools of processing, storage, and networking resources throughout a data.


Azure, AWS

- Commercial public cloud IaaS platforms or public cloud services

- Azure is Microsoft's public cloud service

- AWS is the largest public cloud service provided by Amazon