Our mission is to help enterprises make their digital transformation journey simple, safe and secure

For more than a decade, ZMigration technology is helping enterprises make their complicated cloud migration process simple and easy. Additionally, ZConverter’s data protection and cloud disaster recovery technology has helped thousands of organizations make their digital transformation journey safe and secure.

ZConverter is proud that we were able to help

  • Global Fortune 500 company has moved their workloads to OCI Gen2, Microsoft Cloud and Samsung Cloud simply and easily
  • The world’s first 5G service company’s 500 IPTV service workloads have been moved to the cloud with no service downtime
  • 3,000+ workloads of the world’s largest electric car battery manufacturer are being protected using ZConverter data protection technology
  • Global Fortune Top 20 company e-commerce systems are being protected using ZConverter’s Cloud Disaster Recovery.

We’re headquartered in San Jose, Silicon Valley.


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Cloud Migration

ZConverter Cloud Migration SaaS solution provides technology to migrate on-premises servers to cloud environments with just a few clicks. Automated cloud migration is possible anywhere in private cloud environments such as OpenStack and CloudStack, or public cloud environments such as OCI Gen2, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS Cloud.

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

As the dependence on application and data availability has a direct impact on business performance, cost-effective and economical disaster recovery services are urgently needed for small and medium-sized ventures. ZConverter Cloud DRaaS provides an excellent solution to companies that are hesitant to introduce services with high disaster recovery service costs by enabling cost reduction by up to 1/10 compared to existing DRaaS services.

Server Backup

ZConverter Server Backup is a Windows/Linux system backup product that supports live backup using system image backup technology. By using No Agent/ No Reboot technology, you can configure the backup environment (Physical Server and Virtual Server) faster than other products.