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Cloud Migration SaaS

ZConverter Cloud Migration SaaS makes cloud migration simple and easy. By a few clicks, enterprises can move on-premises to the cloud or cloud service providers can move customers’ cloud instances to their clouds. ZConverter provides an automated cloud migration SaaS for Azure, AWS, CloudStack and OpenStack.

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Cloud-based Disaster Recovery SaaS

With the technology partnerships with global cloud service leaders such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft Cloud, We are at the forefront of evolving automated cloud migration technology. We are focusing on developing a cloud-based disaster recovery software which will solve the problem of high cost legacy disaster recovery services by combining with cloud infrastructure services such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google Cloud and OpenStack/CloudStack. ZConverter Cloud Migration technology will be able to save you up to 20 times the cost of manual migration.

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ZConverter Video

OpenStack Summit Boston 2017 - 7 Must Have Features for Multi-Cloud Migration        Presented by DJ Min, CEO of ZConverter Inc.