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OpenStack Cloud Migration

ZConverter Cloud Migration supports any-to-any openstack cloud migration by ZConverter Image Migration Technology.

A big challenge for large enterprises planning to move their workloads to cloud is the fact that they deploy VMs to a cloud provider of choice, reinstall applications on that VM, then migrate data from on-premises server to the VM hosted in the cloud. Due to this complicated process, many enterprises are hesitating to migrate their workloads to OpenStack.

ZConverter Cloud Migration terminates this type of cloud migration hurdles to move workloads to OpenStack.

By a few clicks without reinstalling applications, enterprises or cloud service providers can easily migrate their workloads to OpenStack.


OpenStack Cloud Migration Process

Its automated cloud migration technology makes openstack cloud migration process extreamly simple and easy. enterprises who are running a private or public OpenStack Cloud can easily move datacenter workloads to the OpenStack cloud.(Imaging - Replication - Migration)

Step 1 . Create a cloud instance on the target OpenStack

   Step 2. Create an image of virtual or physical on-premises
   Step 3. Replicate them to the OpenStack cloud
   Step 4. Get them on-board the OpenStack cloud
Step 5 . Run the migrated instance on the OpenStack Cloud

OpenStack Cloud Platform Architecture



Cloud Platform OpenStack
 - Pike
 - Ocata
 - Newton
 - Mitaka
 - Liberty
 - Kilo
 - Juno
HPE Helion Openstack
Hypervisor KVM
Disk Format VHDx / VHD
Migration P2C ( Physical - to - Cloud )
V2C ( Virtual - to - Cloud )
C2C ( Cloud - to - Cloud )


OS Version
Win 2012 R2 64bit

Win 2008 R2 64bit

Win 2008 ENT 64bit

Win 2008 ENT 32bit

Win 2003 64bit

Win 2003 32bit

CentOS 4.8 32bit

CentOS 5.8 64bit

CentOS 6.3 32bit

CentOS 6.3 64bit

CentOS 6.4 32bit

CentOS 6.4 64bit

Ubuntu 10.04 32bit

Ubuntu 10.04 64bit

Ubuntu 12.04 32bit

Ubuntu 12.04 64bit

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2 32bit

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2 64bit

Notice1) Domain Controller or Active Directory migration is not supported.
Notice2) If a single Domain Controller (or active directory server) is running with application or database on a single server,after separating Domain Controller from the single server, you should migrate application or database to the target cloud.

OpenStack Cloud Migration White Paper

- Migrating workloads to OpenStack Private Cloud.

This white paper describes how to migrate workloads to OpenStack Cloud without manual reinstallation processes and how ZConverter Cloud Migration can help to migrate on-premises to OpenStack Cloud