Cloud Migration - ZConverter


Disaster Recovery as a Service

ZConverter Cloud Migration and Backup technology allows you to provide cost effective Disaster Recovery as a Service(DRaaS). In your DR Center, if you prepare ZConverter Cloud Manager and virtual and bare metal standby DR servers, you can start a DRaaS for your customers.

One of the ZConverter DRaaS benefits for cloud providers is the fact that they don't have to prepare one-to-one DR standby server for each customer. Cloud providers can prepare many-to-one DR standby servers or DR server pool because ZConverter Cloud Manager with cloud backup image starts the recovery process to one of the DR standby servers when Disaster situation happens.

When the Disaster situation is solved, the DR servers are returned to shared standby server pool. It means the DR standby servers are ready to provide another DR service for another customers.

Shared DR server architecture provides customers with DRaaS by reasonable price when comparing with the cost they own dedicated DR servers.