Cloud Migration - ZConverter


C-RaaS will be the best fit to local cloud service providers based on
Open Source Cloud Platform.

Especially, Cloud-based Disaster Recovery service will be the best fit to local cloud service providers based on open source technology like OpenStack or CloudStack. Unlike global top 3 cloud service providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, most of local cloud service providers have no solution for cloud-based disaster recovery as a service.

Traditionally, disaster recovery (DR) service has been used by large financial companies or large enterprise corporations with virtual machine or physical machine and dedicated datacenter and leased network lines which need to invest lots of money in order to protect data and to provide application continuity services. It seemed to be a solution only for large corporations or financial companies.

However, as the era of the fourth industrial revolution comes, the number of knowledge workers in the medium and small business increases and dependence on application and data availability makes a direct impact on their business performance, a cost effective and affordable data protection service became more important to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. In spite of such a number of meaningful demand from Small and Medium Sized Enterprises was made, high cost of disaster recovery service prevented them from adopting the service.

ZConverter C-RaaS will solve these needs of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.