Azure Cloud Migration - ZConverter


Automated Cloud Migration for Amazon Cloud

The benefit of ZConverter Cloud Migration for AWS which is evolved from ZConverter Server Migration, Physical-to-Virtual(P2V) Migration Software, is that the migration process is the same with that of P2V migration.

There are 4 steps’ migration process: Imaging-Replication-Converting-Cleaning

More than 90% of enterprises and integrators have ever experienced P2V migration when they moved legacy physical machine to virtual machines such as VMware or Hyper-V. In other words, they can easily use ZConverter Cloud Migration SaaS because migration step is the same.

Another benefit is whatever source machine such as physical machine, virtual machine or another cloud instance is that the migration to AWS proceeds the same 4 steps’ process uniformly.

ZConverter Cloud Migration is a fully automated cloud migration SaaS solution for Amazon AWS Cloud. With our solution, enterprises or system integrators can enjoy up to 10 X reductions of both time and money.

Any to AWS Migration Support

From (Source) To (Target)
Physical (Bare Metal) Server (Windows/ Linux) AWS Cloud
Virtual Machines (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM)
Private Cloud (OpenStack / CloudStack / Other Cloud)
Public Cloud
(AWS / Azure / GCP / Alibaba / Softlayer / CloudStack)

Migration Process to AWS Cloud

Its cloud migration process is simple and easy. By a few clicks, enterprises or system integrators can move workloads to AWS. (Imaging - Replication – Migration - Cleaning)

Step 1 . Create a cloud instance on the AWS Cloud

   Step 2. Create an image of virtual or physical on-premises or another cloud instance
   Step 3. Replicate them to the AWS Cloud
   Step 4. Get them on-board the AWS Cloud
Step 5 . Run the migrated instance on the AWS Cloud


OS Version
Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2008 R2

RHEL(RedHat Enterprise Linux) 6.x

RHEL(RedHat Enterprise Linux) 7.x

CentOS 6.x

CentOS 7.x

Notice1) Domain Controller or Active Directory migration is not supported.
Notice2) If a single Domain Controller (or active directory server) is running with application or database on a single server,after separating Domain Controller from the single server, you should migrate application or database to the target cloud.